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No company is an Island.

Our greatest desire is to help our customers succeed by providing the best billing services available to meet their unique needs. In today's ever changing telecom world no business can escape the need to be fluid and flexible in how charges and taxes are applied. The ATS Billing products are adaptable with many ways to apply charges to customers to assure you the greatest profit potential.

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People in Partnership.

The truth is, companies are people working in partnership to find success in a common goal. How you measure that success matters, at ATS we measure success by how well our partnership helps our clients achieve their goals.           Our Goal = Your Success

About Us

ATS has been in the telecom industry since 1989 providing billing services to telecom companies large and small.


Our Wholesale, Retail and Carrier Access billing products have the flexibility to bill any combination of services our customers provide.


Our staff stands ready to provide all the support your business needs to quickly and efficiently bill your clients.

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We would love to discuss our systems and billing options with you. Our goal is to deliver flexible billing options at the right price.